I grew up in the Twin Cities to a family of 3Mers outside of St Paul. After college at the UW Madison and Columbia University in International marketing...I’ve been the “digital” agency guy advertising professional ever since. 

I’ve always struggled throughout my New York Advertising career to stay ahead of the consumer and their digital behavior habits. This meant making career decisions within the marketing realm (creative to media, back to creative) that others thought odd. In 2003, I started teaching marketing at Baruch, meeting students and career changers from all over the world and Asia and found I’m passionate about helping others take control of their professional marketing lives and make an impact on the world, even if it means taking a road less traveled fueled by your passion for customers and technology.

It was 2015 that I found my WHY moment of clarity (thank you Simon Sinek); with the rise of the second industrial revolution and AI would change everything for us marketers, as I noticed the pace of digital innovation, D2C new retail, eCommerce and AI transformation coming out of China at an un-precedented pace. I discovered that to build a successful modern brand today, senior level marketers and modern CMOs here in the States need a Marketing Transformation Coach, a coach who can inspire, explain AI application to old and new problems and keep execs up to speed on tech in ways that help their brands and careers. As a coach I work to inform and prepare you for modern marketing principles, mindset shifts and new approaches to strategy and tactics; helping you navigate how to be successful in moving from customer purpose to customer productivity. My goal is to help brand and marketing leaders like you success by helping to ensure you closely work with your customers.

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